The statue of the soldier atop the Memorial Building is Billy Yank. A nickname for Union Soldiers in the Civil War.

The statue is entitled “Victory, the Jewel of the Soul” – cast by international sculptor Rudolph Thiem. The statue is 17 feet tall and weighs 2 1/2 tons. It said he is yelling “Victory” while his foot rests upon an unexploded shell.

JULY 4, 1906

The Soldiers, Sailors and Pioneer Monument was planned and promoted by Butler County Civil War Veterans and financed by a county levy in 1899. The monument was built on the site of Fort Hamilton. Founded in 1791 and named in honor of Alexander Hamilton. Inside, more than 4,300 names of Veterans are carved into the interior marble walls. Two large, colorful windows that recognize the contributions of Butler County women during the Civil War. The featured speaker at the dedication was Governor Andrew L. Harris, a Butler County native and Civil War Veteran.